Active Board Members

RVSB Officers/Appointees – November 2020
Board: Elected Positions Level 2 Elected Level 1 Elected
Expires Oct 2021 Expires Oct 2022
President Don Grossmann
First Vice President Frank Amato
VP of Financial Development Tess Giardina
VP of Operations Joe Eccles
Secretary John Kalinowski
Treasurer Mark Osman
Publicity Chair Vacant
Communications Chair Ed Gornick
Board: Appointed Positions
Music Director Dr. Christopher Sumner
Assistant Music Director John Hylkema
Past President Kathy Giardina
Librarian Rita Berz
Other Positions (non board)
Publicity Committee ** Vacant, leader
Fundraising Committee ** Tess Giardina, leader Mark Osman
Nominating Committee ** Kathy Giardina, leader
** Don Grossmann (president) is ex-officio member of all committees
Section Leaders Carter Dreves, flute/oboe Kathy Giardina, french horn
Fred Rager, clarinet/low reeds Alex Giardina, trumpet
Frank Amato, saxophones Bill Murray, trombone
Mark Osman, low brass Laura McAloon, percussion
P.O. Box Monitoring Mark Osman Debbie Goldblatt
Assistant Librarian Ann Cucchiara
Programs Patti Leinenbach (development & printing)
Flyers Kathy Giardina (development) Al Tulli (printing)
Concert Table Setup Mark Osman
Children’s Concert Jonathan Seidel Al Tulli (distribution of flyers to schools)
Social (picnic) Michelle Thomas
Facebook Site Kathy Giardina
Access Advisory Board Kathy Giardina, leader