Membership Information

Rehearsal Info

– Rehearsals are held on Wednesdays from 7:30 – 9:30 p.m. at Bridgewater-Raritan High School. The concert season has historically run from September through June, with weekly rehearsals except for the last two weeks in December and when rehearsal space is unavailable due to school closings.

Membership Information, Policies, and Procedures

– The following policies and procedures are intended to supplement the Band’s charter and by-laws, and help make the administration of the Band understandable, consistent and fair.

Rights of Members:

– Participate in rehearsals, performances, events and activities
– Run for or hold any Band office after being a member for one year
– Vote at membership meetings
– Participate in standing and ad hoc committees
– Attend and participate in Board and committee meetings
– Make nominations for any office

Responsibilities of Members:

– Attend all rehearsals unless excused by the section leader
– Attend all performances unless excused by the section leader
– Take proper care of the music, and have the folder present for all rehearsals and performances, return music promptly
– Prepare musically for all performances
– Be on time and in proper attire for all performances
– Notify section leader of anticipated absences
– Notify the section leader of current mailing address, email address and telephone number
– Volunteer skills and non-musical work time for the benefit of the RVSB
– Membership dues of $10 are due each semester by the 3rd rehearsal


– The Assistant Conductor or the Secretary will take attendance at every rehearsal and concert.
– Members may be dropped from the roster for excessive absences, unless they have notified the Board that they are taking a leave of absence.
– At the sole discretion of the Conductor, members may be excluded from a concert performance or principal players assigned to a non-principal part for excessive absences
– The bylaws define excessive absences as 3 consecutive absences or absence from 1/3 or more rehearsals for a performance. The Conductor or Assistant Conductor will give warnings as provided in the by-laws.
– Members are expected to have attended the last two regular rehearsals plus dress rehearsal if applicable prior to a concert or have been granted an exemption by the Conductor.

Performance Guests:

– The Conductor may invite or hire an individual who is not a regular member of the Band to participate in a specific performance. The Board of Directors must approve payment of performance guests in advance.

Parts Assignments:

– Parts assignment and seating within a section will be determined by the Conductor, taking into consideration musical ability, needs of the RVSB and seniority. The Conductor may change part assignments for each concert based upon the requirements of the music, applicable musical interpretation issues and other criteria for placing members on part assignments. The Conductor may delegate this responsibility to the section principal, and where possible part assignment changes will be accomplished through the section principals. Section members who have a concern about part assignment or seating may discuss their concern with the Conductor or any board member.


The optimal instrumentation of the Band is 70 musicians, allocated within each instrument section as follows:

– Flute (including picc) – 7
– Oboe – 2
– E flat clarinet – 1
– B flat clarinet – 15
– Bass clarinet – 2
– Bassoon – 2
– Alto Sax – 2
– Tenor Sax – 1
– Baritone Sax – 1
– Trumpet/cornet – 8-10
– French Horn – 6
– Trombone – 6-8
– Euphonium/Baritone – 3
– Tuba – 4-6
– Percussion – 5-6

Joining the RVSB:

– Any person who is interested in joining the Band should email the RVSB president at [email protected]. The President will then contact you with more information about attendance, vacancies and musical background.
– If a vacancy exists in the section the person is interested in joining, and the Conductor determines that the person may be qualified for membership, they will be invited to sit in on one or more rehearsals.
– After attending at least two rehearsals, the Conductor may audition the prospective member, or use other means, such as asking people in the section, to evaluate the prospective member. If, in the sole discretion of the Conductor, the prospective member demonstrates sufficient musical competence to meet the requirements of the Band, the Conductor may invite the person to join the Band, and may place the person within the section.
– If the placement will displace any current member in the section, the Conductor will notify those people and the section principal and discuss any concerns they may have prior to making the placement.
– If a section is at or above the optimal instrumentation, no new member shall be permitted to join that section unless authorized by the Conductor. Current members shall not be required or asked to leave a section except as provided in the bylaws.
– A member may take a leave of absence from the Band for up to one year, and return to their section (but not necessarily the same position) by notifying the Assistant Director or the Secretary of their intent to return before they leave.

Waiting List:

– If a section is full, individuals who want to join the Band, or out of town visitors, may join in a rehearsal as a rehearsal guest for up to 2 rehearsals, but are not permitted the last two weeks before a concert.
– Each rehearsal guest will be requested to fill out an information card. These cards, kept on file by the secretary, will comprise the RVSB waiting list.
– When a vacancy in a section that is not full occurs, the secretary will give cards of all individuals on the waiting list to the Conductor. The Conductor and the section principal will discuss the potential new members and issue invitations based on musical benefit to the Band and other skills or contacts the individual may have which would be beneficial to the Band. Priority will be given to former members in good standing.
– Within one week after an invitation to join is accepted, the president will have a personal conversation with the new member explaining the philosophy, commitment and expectations of RVSB members.

Student Membership:

– The RVSB does not actively solicit or recruit high school or younger players but qualified individuals may be accepted at the discretion of the Conductor.

Music folders:

– Each member is responsible for seeing that the folder is returned for the next rehearsal and each concert, and turned into the Librarian at the end of each season. Any member who loses a music folder or any music will be assessed full replacement value for the folder and music lost.

Rehearsal and Concert Schedules:

– Rehearsals are held on Wednesday evenings, from 7:30 – 9:30 pm at Bridgewater-Raritan High School.
– The concert season runs from September to early July, with weekly rehearsals except for two weeks in December and when rehearsal space is unavailable due to school closings.
– Our concert schedule normally includes four formal concerts a year, in  October, December, March and June, at BRHS or neighboring communities, and one or more local, outdoor concerts in the late spring and early summer.
– Admission to all concerts is free.

Concert Dress:

– Formal indoor concerts: Men: black tuxedos, or dark suits, white shirt, bow tie, black cummerbund, black shoes and socks; Ladies: black dress or black skirt (knee length or longer), pants and shirt or solid black suit with white shirt, black shoes.
– Pops or outdoor concerts: Men: black pants, white collared shirt; Ladies: black pants or skirt, white blouse. RVSB white polo shirts are acceptable at these concerts.
– Occasionally, specific performances will require deviations from this dress requirement.
Substitute or Guest Conductors:

– If the Conductor is not able to attend a rehearsal or concert, he or she shall notify the president and arrange for a substitute or guest Conductor. Any Conductor other than the assistant Conductor or other Band member shall be subject to the approval of the board of directors. The Conductor will be responsible for preparing the assistant Conductor and any substitute Conductor for rehearsals and concerts. It is expected that the Conductor will make every effort to attend all concerts and rehearsals. If he or she is unable to attend a concert or more than 4 rehearsals during a season, the Conductor will discuss the reasons with the board.

Expense Reimbursements:

– The Band will pay expenditures directly whenever convenient, by RVSB check signed by the Treasurer. When that is not practicable, approved out-of-pocket expenditures on the part of Band members will be reimbursed with appropriate documentation and receipts. When possible, members should use the Band’s tax-exempt documents for Band purchases, which are available from the Treasurer.
– The Board must approve all expenses, including fees and honoraria, not included in the annual budget.


– In the summer of each year, the President, Treasurer, Vice President of Finance and 1st Vice President will meet to generate a proposed budget for the next concert season. This budget will be submitted to the board at its next meeting for approval. Additional budgets for calendar years will be generated as needed to prepare funding and grant applications, using the same procedure.

Music Purchases:

– The Conductor will select, and the Librarian will place orders for, new music for the RVSB library within the budget set by the Board. Music will be shipped to the Librarian and invoiced to the Jointure for Community Adult Education (the Band’s parent organization).
– The Band currently maintains accounts with JW Pepper and Detroit music.
– When music is received, the Librarian will ask the Conductor if the music should be placed in the library or reviewed. If requested by the Conductor, the Librarian will bring the score to the next rehearsal to let the Conductor determine whether to keep the music or send it back. If the music is to be kept, the Librarian will stamp each part with the name of the RVSB.
– The Jointure will pay all bills for music purchased and invoice the Band for these on a quarterly basis. The Jointure currently requires that the vendor send a bill for the music to the Jointure. The Librarian will send a copy of the packing slip for all music to be purchased to the Treasurer, who will send it to the Jointure, authorizing payment.

ADA Policy:

– The RVSB is committed to making its programs and concerts accessible to all people, including older adults and people with temporary or permanent disabilities, such as those with visual, hearing, mobility, learning and other disabilities. To the fullest extent possible, the RVSB will continue to do all in its power to make sure that the American with Disabilities Act and related regulations are followed at all of our rehearsals and performances, and that the facilities used by the RVSB are in compliance with all ADA regulations. Specifically, the Band will continue to hold rehearsals and performances at facilities that offer adequate handicap parking places, handicap-accessible rest rooms, wheel chair access and other accommodations for the disabled. We will also make our concert programs available in large type print, and will seat those with impaired hearing or eyesight in the front row. It is the policy of the RVSB Board to provide reasonable accommodations to any person with disabilities upon reasonable notice, and to advise persons with disabilities that these accommodations are available upon request. This information will be included in all press releases of the Band and will also be printed in our brochures, programs and on our web site.

Lending Policy:

– Band music may be borrowed by other organizations with the prior approval of the Conductor and the Librarian. If the music is in print, originals may be borrowed by paying a deposit equal to the value of the music. The deposit will be forfeited unless the music is returned in original condition within 3 months. No originals of out of print music will be lent. The Conductor and Librarian may agree to make copies of in print of out of print music for a borrower at a mutually agreeable cost if the borrower agrees to assume all legal obligations for the copies, including copyright and fair use and secure any necessary approvals to make the copies.